1. director’s blog september



    After years of hanging on to our solid reputation of being the ‘worst’ hotel in the world, we are now trying to become the most ‘likeable’ hotel in the world. We found out that being a savage budget hotel is no reason for people not to like us. So this year, we are doing our absolute best to become as likable as we possibly can.


    “How” you ask? By asking people to come and like our improbably awful food, service and door guy… and marvel at how our toilets flush (or don’t). What’s not to like? Therefore we have made sticker which you can use when you really like something or when you think it’s appropriate to share it with us. Please use #hansbrinker and share it at our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter! Don’t forget to watch our new videos and…..LIKE them!


    We like you,



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    • 25/09/14
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  2. director’s blog august

    Yeah kids, 30 degrees, sunshine and parties everywhere: SUMMER in Amsterdam! Besides the weekends full of festivals, you have to go to the Vondelpark, where you can relax or go to one of the many concerts during daytime. The largest party of the month was the Amsterdam Gay Pride, including the famous canal pride on Saturday. Beer, party people and the best atmosphere just around the corner of our hotel! If you are looking for a bit more cultural entertainment, you could go to the Parade, a theater festival in the south of Amsterdam with many little pop-up theatres, bars and restaurants.


    During August we serve sandwiches at our bar during lunch! We have a range of freshly made sandwiches and panini’s! After your great sandwich you can play a game of Beerpong! Don’t know how to play Beerpong? Check the rules here. Little tip: play Beerpong during our Happy Hour, so you get 2 beers for the price of 1!



    See you at our Happy Hour?



    • 08/08/14
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  3. Director’s blog July

    Dear Brinker admirers,

    Last night Amsterdam cried: our guys in Brazil were defeated by the Argenitian boys….the end of the World Cup for the Netherlands, so no more Sourz shots for 1 euro during the dutch matches. But as life goes on and the sun in shining in Amsterdam, we focus on more happy stuff: SUMMER in Amsterdam!!!!


    Best thing to do at a lazy and sunny afternoon: go to the supermarkt,  buy a bottle of wine or a six-pack of Heineken, some snacks and hang out in the Vondelpark! Somewhere in the middle of the park is a small lake, which is the best spot to chill!


    No boring evenings in Amsterdam as well: a special party for backpackers, travelers and hostel guests: every Tuesday there is a party called Common Room at club NL. Entrance fee is only € 7,50 including wardrobe and one Heineken bottle (and if you buy the ticket at our reception, you’ll get a free drink at our bar too)!


    Enjoy July in Amsterdam!



    • 10/07/14
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