1. Brinker Tips for Spring in Amsterdam


    Spring has arrived in Amsterdam! Days are getting longer, dresses become shorter, and once in a while you might even spot a glimpse of the sun. Reason to celebrate. Since Amsterdam knows how to celebrate its stuff, you can imagine that it is the perfect place to be to embrace springtime. Festivals and flowers all over the place this April!

    Since you might not want to spend your entire stay in Amsterdam within the safe walls of the Hans Brinker (who would?!) we’ve listed the best stuff for you going on in April (or what’s left of it. We’re doing you a favor, don’t expect us to do it on time):

    If there is one thing that you should see in Amsterdam beside coffeeshops, it’s flowers. Especially tulips. Well, April is just the month for that, as Amsterdam hosts its very own tulip festival. Check the site to see where you can admire Hollands’ most famous flowers, get your free guide and go tulip hunting through Amsterdam!

    Haven’t  seen enough flowers yet after the tulip-hunt? You can enjoy some more at the Springsnow festival. Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to look for snow in April. From the 21st of April, you can admire dry snow in Amsterdam, as the blossom is falling from the trees. The festival entails a trail of 8km which you can enjoy walking or by bike, leading you past the most beautiful flower trees of Amsterdam. Find more info here.

    One last flowery tip then: visit the Bloemencorso in Haarlem on the 25th of April. It’s like a carnival, but with flowers. Floats passing through the streets are made out of flowers. They pass through the whole of North Holland, the province of Amsterdam, and arrive in Haarlem at night. If you like flowers (we do) this is a not-to-miss event!




    Now we do love festivals in Holland. Apart from the above named flower festivals, we have other festivals to offer as well. Good to visit if you’re not that nature-spirited. From the 8th to 18th of April for example, there is the Imagine Film Festival, displaying movies which will definitely trigger your fantasy. Perfect for a rainy day!

    You can’t come to Amsterdam without enjoying a good party here. We do have festivals for that as well. Go for example to SOTU (April 14-20), a festival for underground music. Line-up and details can be found here.

    Another excellent idea (our favorite!): try which beer you like the best at the Spring Beer Festival on the 19th of April! What better way to celebrate spring than to try the most delicious blond beers in an old church, right next to one of Amsterdam’s famous canals…

    Last but not least: if you like a good party, you cannot miss out on Kingsday. It seems unlikely you’ve never heard of it, but if that’s the case, here’s what Kingsday is in a nutshell:

    • Amsterdam upside down
    • Lots of beer
    • Lots of orange
    • Lots of boats
    • Lots of music
    • Lots of madness
    • Oh yeah, and something with the birthday of a king.

    As you see, you really cannot make up any excuses for not coming to Amsterdam this April. We have flowers, festivals and madness going on. Oh and we didn’t even tell you this: since a couple of weeks Brinker is hosting Jamming Tuedays! Every Tuesday you can pick up the instruments and play with the other guests in the great acoustics of our basements. Don’t forget to bring your instruments and See You Soon!









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  2. Hans Brinker’s top things to do this February in Amsterdam

    February: a month mostly associated with cold weather and sitting inside the house. But you really shouldn’t! February is a great month to explore Amsterdam. There are many reasons to leave our cozy hostel and explore the Dutch capital, even if you have to affront a bit of cold and rain. Therefore we want to share our top things to do this February in Amsterdam with you!

    Of course, Valentine day is almost here, so we will share some romantic tips (if you hate the romantic crap, scroll down for a more general to-do list):

    - What better way to spend Valentine’s day in Amsterdam, than on a romantic boat? Take a trip on the Love Boat and see the pretty city passing by while enjoying a 4 course dinner with your lover.
    - Nice to do on Valentine’s day, or any other day: see a movie at Tuschinski. This beautifully decorated theatre makes whatever movie you’re watching extra special.
    - Feel like you should do something more crazy on Valentine’s in Amsterdam? Get married for a day! Get yourself in a dress & suite, get a ceremony, and get many pictures. Best part: after 24 hours there are no strings attached at all. Available in different languages.

    If you don’t have a lover to cuddle up to or want to stay away from all things romantic, there’s still loads to do. Here are our favorite things to do this February in Amsterdam:
    - Visit the festival 24H Oost; a great way to explore Amsterdam like a local! On the 14th and 15th of February, you can explore everything that makes the east side of Amsterdam such a unique and wonderful place. Eat, drink, follow workshops, listen to music and walk around this lively area. Check out the program here.
    - If you’re up for a good party, go to the Wonderland Festival on Saturday the 14th. 16 Ours long of partying in an old factory, in an atmosphere that tries to resemble Alice’s (yes, the one of Wonderland) world.
    - After a night of partying you might want to do something cultural, but probably nothing too heavy. The Tropenmuseum is perfect for this. If you thought selfies are a new phenomenon, they’ll prove you wrong. At the exhibition ‘Look at Me’ selfies from the 19th century till now, from all over the world, are shown.
    - Spring isn’t far away, but we still have a whole month of cold to enjoy. No better way to enjoy it, than to try your ice-skating moves at the Museumplein! Don’t forget to bring your camera to take some epic pictures with the Iamsterdam-sign in the background. Find more info here.
    - Afterwards, warm up with a nice cup of hot chocolate, next to a fireplace. For example at Hanneke’s Boom, which you can find right next to the Central Station.
    - Dutch food is truly comfort food, which is best eaten in wintertime. Don’t leave Amsterdam without trying one of the Dutch mash-specialties for a good price at ‘t Stamppotje.

    Enjoy February foaks! And let us know which of our tips you’ve enjoyed most…


    Tips for February in Amsterdam

    Ice Skating at the Museumplein. Photography by Roman Boed

  3. director’s blog January 2015

    Dear and beloved Brinker-customer,


    It is good to speak to you again. After my latest post, informing you about how we’re becoming the most likeable hotel in Amsterdam – what do I say, in the world! – I thought I would give you some space to absorb the message of this new path the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel has chosen. By now, I assume, you are ready for a new update.

    We’re well on our way to become the most likeable hotel. We already have over 30.000 likes on Facebook! Even though I am extremely proud of this fact, things can always be better. Even the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel has New Year’s Resolutions (although we made them up at the end of January):

    1. We’ll renovate our bar. That way, young travelers will have even more space in our hostel to socialize and enjoy each other’s company. With the help of a delightful beer or other beverage, of course. The bartenders won’t change of attitude, though.
    2. The Hans Brinker Hotel will go global. That’s right – we will start a pan-continental family of hotels. Starting with one new property in the far south of Europe: Portugal. But you don’t have to worry, the Hans Brinker Hostel Lisbon will preserve Hans Brinker Amsterdam’s strongest selling points: dormitories, beer, unhelpful receptionists and surly porters. In fact, key points of differentiation will be limited to the staff’s sexier accents and nicer tans, and an increased chance of sunburn. Soon we will give you more updates about this fabulous new step in Brinker’s History.
    3. We’ve hired an intern. We’re not exactly sure yet what he’s good for, but it always looks nice to have an intern. For now, he’ll mostly occupy himself writing this blog, from next week on. Therefore you might find some change in the writing style you’ve become so comfortable with – I’m sorry about that. Please let me know if he’s really messing it up.

    I hope you lovely Brinker addicts are still enjoying this new year. I also hope you have made big plans to visit Amsterdam in 2015, and that we may welcome you soon; I prefer to talk to people in person instead of writing to them. Ask for me at reception,

    Lots of Likes,