1. Director’s blog July

    Dear Brinker admirers,

    Last night Amsterdam cried: our guys in Brazil were defeated by the Argenitian boys….the end of the World Cup for the Netherlands, so no more Sourz shots for 1 euro during the dutch matches. But as life goes on and the sun in shining in Amsterdam, we focus on more happy stuff: SUMMER in Amsterdam!!!!


    Best thing to do at a lazy and sunny afternoon: go to the supermarkt,  buy a bottle of wine or a six-pack of Heineken, some snacks and hang out in the Vondelpark! Somewhere in the middle of the park is a small lake, which is the best spot to chill!


    No boring evenings in Amsterdam as well: a special party for backpackers, travelers and hostel guests: every Tuesday there is a party called Common Room at club NL. Entrance fee is only € 7,50 including wardrobe and one Heineken bottle (and if you buy the ticket at our reception, you’ll get a free drink at our bar too)!


    Enjoy July in Amsterdam!



    • 10/07/14
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  2. director’s blog june



    I have a new hobby: making the weirdest, craziest and most beautiful pictures of the Hans Brinker Hotel, our guests and the places just around the corner of the hotel. There’s so much happening everywhere, why not share this with my friends? Curious about my talent? Check www.instagram.com/hansbrinkerhotel! If you have the best or worst pictures of the Hans Brinker Hotel, feel free to share them as well on our Facebook  or our Instagram by tagging us!


    Amsterdam is not only famous for its amazing museums, canals, ‘happy’ stuff, flowers and the Red Light District…we are THE festival city of Europe! Thoughout spring and summer we have a range of culinary festivals, techno parties, cultural festivals and many more…the tourist office Iamsterdam made a complete schedule with all must-go’s in and around Amsterdam. Have a look at their guide here and when you want to join the fun at one or more festivals, you know where to sleep….little hint: it’s Amsterdams no. 1 attraction…..


    Let’s meet during our Happy Hour!






    • 25/06/14
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  3. director’s blog may

    Hi Amsterdam fans!


    Great weather, the city full of happy people, music and beer everywhere….this is AMSTERDAM!


    For example: Amsterdam Open Air is coming to town, the largest 2 day open air dance festival in the Netherlands (the 7th and 8th of June). Two day long dancing with a little after party at the Hans Brinker Underground Club…stumble to your room and get some rest for the next day full of fun!


    Please notice: Amsterdam isn’t all full of parties and dancing….when you are in Amsterdam you  must visit the cultural highlights! Not only the Anne Frank House, the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh museum and so on, but go on a free walking tour through the city and see hidden jewels like Begijnhof and more….Feel free to ask our bar of reception staff for more information about the tours and exciting attractions in and around Amsterdam (only one thing to do in advance: book a room at our place!).


    For all cultural stuff, check www.iamsterdam.com. Once and a while we post some

    interesting things about Amsterdam at our Facebook wall (www.facebook.com/hansbrinkerhotel), between all louzy and crappy pictures and movie clips.


    See you during summer!



    • 15/05/14
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