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Hans Brinker Hostel aims to be transparent and trustworthy when it comes to protecting your privacy, and honest about what data it holds on you and how we process that data. Hans Brinker Hostel does not share your data, personal or otherwise with any unauthorised third parties, but we do work with third parties to manage and in some cases receive data that is required to process your booking. When you make a reservation at Hans Brinker Hostel we need certain information from you. Outside of reservations, this can also happen in situations where you request information.

We partly process this information ourselves in our reservation system, but it is also possible that third parties will receive personal data from us and process it on behalf of Hans Brinker Hostel. This happens, for example, if we send you a guest survey via e-mail after your stay.


All data is stored in one of two places, either with MEWS securely on their servers, or with Microsoft using their cloud computing service.

Other Relevant Privacy Policies

Below is a more detailed description of what data we process and for what reason:
First name, surname and gender.

We like to be able to speak to you in communication by name. Of course, this information is also necessary to be able to record the reservation. In addition to recording the reservation, we are obliged by the government to record first and last name for the night register.

Place of residence, country and nationality

The place of residence and the country in which you live are always registered to make the reservation and registration in the night register. Keeping a night register is legally required.

Date of birth

The tourist tax may depend on the age of people staying at the hostel. For this reason, we can ask for the date of birth.

E-mail address

Virtually all communication is via e-mail, such as the confirmation of the reservation, information in advance of the stay about the hostel and a survey after the stay. We only send you newsletters if you have indicated that you want to receive a newsletter from us. If you no longer wish to receive newsletters from us, you can easily unsubscribe via the link at the bottom of each newsletter.

Payment details

To secure your booking we ask for a valid Credit or Debit card.


When checking in at the hostel we always ask for your ID. We do this on the one hand to check the reservation, but also because we are obliged for the night register to record the type of identity document.
We are constantly working to improve our services. Based on the feedback you give us by completing the guest survey, but also by leaving a review on a review site, you can help other guests make a choice. We can also make sure that we can do a little better every day based on your feedback. In addition to the feedback from the survey, it can sometimes occur that we approach you for a guest survey or guest panel.

Contact about inspection, change, or delete data

On request we will indicate whether, what and how personal data related to you are processed. At your request we will correct, supplement, delete or protect your data. Removal of certain data may mean that you can no longer make use of (part of) our services. You can contact us by sending an e-mail to

Store data

For legal, financial and tax reasons, we must keep a copy of all financial transactions including your data above for a period of 7 years.

Data security

We use comprehensive security procedures for the security of the data processed by us, for example to prevent unauthorized access to these data.